Scripturally Sound, Soul-Winning, Community Conscious Church
During the Reconstruction Era in the South, after the Civil War,
a group of farsighted persons assembled to discuss and plan the need
for a place of worship.These founders were: William Bailey, Sr.,
Aaron Bryant, Aaron Crandall, Anthony Currie, Mose Davis, Anthony
Ellis, George Ficklin, Peter Lang, George Lucious, Miles Lucious,
Mark Mayhand, Dave Rogers, March Williams and Jordan Yelding
In 1879, their plan was executed with Rev. A.A. Williams as the first
Pastor. Six years later, in 1885, God sent a “Man of Men” - Rev. S.B.
Bracy, who rebuilt the church. His pastorages covered a period of thirty
eight years. The Eastern Shore Industrial School (later named the Baldwin
County Training School) was founded and built under his administration
as Pastor and Moderator of the Eastern Shore Association.
During the years of 1923-1929, Rev. J.F. Keeby of Plateau,
Alabama served as pastor; Rev. S.H. Powe, also of Plateau succeeded
him and remained through 1931 and supervised many needed repairs.
Rev. C.A. Jackson, of Mobile, was called to pastor in 1932 and remained
until the end of that year. In 1933, Rev. B.F. Dudley, of Mobile, was
called to serve as pastor. He inspired many young people to become part of the fellowship. Then, in 1935, we scholar, Rev. S.A. Miles, of Mobile, who served until 1941. During his administration, he organized one of the oldest auxiliaries in the church, “The Helping Hand Auxiliary”. With the outbreak of World War If in 1941, the
church membership declined. It was the Rev. J. 0. Dixon, of Pensacola, Florida, who came and immediately moved the church forward. He labored for more than eight years. It was also his idea to construct an indoor baptistery. The “Pastor’s Aid Board” and the “Willing Workers Auxiliary” were also organized by Rev. Dixon. His assistant pastor, Rev. B. J. Williams, presented the idea of a “Junior Choir”.

As the years passed, he was instrumental in the expansion and remodeling of the previous older section of the educational annex. Under Rev. Lett’s pastorage, the church made organizational progress as well, notably, the departmentalization of the Sunday School, organized a Youth Ministry, division of the Mission Department into 5 Circles serving each community, a Sewing Circle, Matrons, YWL’s and a Bus Ministry consisting of 2 vans. He and the congregation realized that a cemetery would serve the church and community upon their departure from this world; therefore, Macedonia Memorial Gardens came into existence. Many changes have been made in the Music Department, the original choirs: The Senior Choir, the Melody Chorus, James Left Chorus, Angelic Chorus, Gospel Chorus, Mass Choir and Buds of Promise were eventually combined into the five choirs that exist today, Senior Choir, Adult Choir, Male Chorus, Youth Choir and Combined Choir. The Nurses Auxiliary was organized under Dr. Lett in September, 1973.
Because of the need for more space, age and deterioration of the Education Annex that was constructed during the tenure of Dr. Charles A. Lett, the church saw a dire need to construct a new Education Building, which is designed to provide growth and development in future years to come.
In 1999 God blessed us to build and move into our present educational building. Chairpersons for this project were the late Bro. Nathaniel Cunningham and Sis. Kay F. Williams. With God’s help we are looking forward to in the near future. After more than 30 years of service to Macedonia, Dr. Clarence A. Lett retired from pastor ship in 2001.
Rev. David C. Harrison, Sr., was called in October 2002. His vision for our church was “Educate, Elevate, Evaluate” 2 Timothy 2:15. The interior of the church was remodeled under his pastor ship to include bench restoration, new carpet and the baptism pool was redesigned.
We thank Almighty God for His blessings to enable us to realize our achievements. This church has certainly remained unmovable down through the years in service to her congregation and the community. It’s interesting to note that the fourth and fifth generations of the founders are still active in this fellowship.

About Us
In 1951, the “Second Moses”, Dr. Charles A. Lett, a native of
Daphne, Alabama was called to serve as pastor. Prior to
this time, he had taught in the Baldwin School System and
preached as well. He was an inspirational and efficient
leader who organized the church into departments and
included every age level. The “Education Annex” was built
under his tenure of service.
Rev. D.D. Chestang became our pastor in 1958. He was a
teacher of the gospel. Renown for his interest in Christian
Education. The membership grew tremendously during his
eleven years of service. He organized the buds of Promise
Choir, Toilers Club and other auxiliaries. The idea to build a
completely new Sanctuary began under his administration.
In 1969, Dr. Clarence A. Lett came to us with an
established reputation as “A Builder.” Dr. Lett immediately
launched the church into a massive building program, and
in 1971, he led the congregation into the long awaited sanctuary.